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Meet your new super fund 

The limited service period (LSP) has ended, and your Pitcher Retirement Plan accounts have been successfully transferred to Equip.

To help you log in and get started we will be mailing you two items in the comings weeks. 

1. A welcome pack containing your account details and member card
2. A PIN number to access your account

If you need any additional information or assistance from Equip please call our Helpline on 1800 682 626.

Equip has been helping Australians plan for their future and enjoy a better retirement since 1931. We're one of the country's oldest super funds, and are known for our low fees and trusted advice.

Welcome to Equip. Super fair and square.


What this means for you

We're dedicated to making the transfer to Equip as simple as possible. That means we've carried across your existing superannuation preferences and benefits where possible. You'll find a more detailed summary of the points below in your transfer guide. 

  • Insurance: Any insurance you have with PRP will continue over to Equip. There may be some changes to the cost and conditions of your cover on transfer.
  • Investment: Your investments with PRP will be matched to equivalent Equip option(s).
  • Fees: As a profit to member fund Equip is committed to keeping fees as low as possible. Please refer to the transfer guide for a detailed fee comparison.
  • Your Benefits: If you have a binding or non-binding death benefit beneficiary nomination in place with PRP, it will be carried over to Equip.


When can I access my account?

As the transfer of superannuation accounts is complex, there will be a limited service period (LSP) commencing from 18 May 2020 and concluding on 17 June 2020. During this time services will be impacted such as:

• Receipt of employer contributions into your account;

• Voluntary member contributions;

• Benefit payments;

• Paying rollover requests;

• Ability to process super transfers into Equip;

• Updating personal details and beneficiary nominations;

• Family law splitting and information requests;

• Changes to insurance cover;

• Investment switching requests; and

• Access to the member website.

Once the LSP ends, members will be able access their account online, details of which will be provided in the welcome letter.

Why is Equip my new super fund?

The Pitcher Retirement Plan (PRP) has served its members well in the past, but all existing members will be transitioned to Equip as part of a Successor Fund Transfer (SFT).

This decision was made by the Trustee Board of the PRP, who believe it is in the best interest of members.

Equip is a low-cost, profit-for-member superannuation fund with Top 10 long-term investment performance*. Equip has helped Australians grow their savings and manage their money since 1931.


Will my member number change after the transfer?

Yes, you will receive a new member number as Equip is a different superannuation fund. You will also receive a new membership card and PIN to access the Equip website.

Will my online PIN change?

Yes, in order to access the Equip website you will need a new member number and PIN. These will be sent out in mid-June in two parts. 

• A welcome letter with your account details

• A PIN number to access your account online

What happens to my account balance?

Once you become an Equip member on 1 June you will be sent a welcome letter from us. It will confirm your starting balance, which will be equal to your closing balance shown in the exit statement you will receive from PRP.

Will my investment options change?

Yes, your investment options with PRP will be mapped to an equivalent Equip investment option. You can update your investment choices by logging into your Equip account. Please refer to your transfer guides for more details on how the investment options are mapped between PRP and Equip.

Although the mapped options are similar, there are differences in the underlying asset mixes which may affect the risk and return characteristics of the options. 

More information on investment options and daily unit prices, can be found on Equip’s website. 

Can I consolidate my other super into Equip?

Yes, after 1 June 2020, you can consolidate other super accounts into your Equip account if you want to. Once you receive your new member number and PIN you can login to your Equip account and easily consolidate your other super with us online.

Can I continue to make contributions via BPay?

Yes, however your BPAY details will change from 1 June 2020 and your new BPAY reference number with Equip super will not be available until you receive your new membership card in mid-June.

What happens to my insurance if I don’t have enough money in my account?

Your insurance cover will cease if your account balance is insufficient to meet the next premium that falls due. 

How do I increase my insurance cover in Equip?

If you would like to increase your insurance cover, you will need to be underwritten.  

Underwriting is the process the insurer uses to assess the risks of providing you with insurance cover. The risk is measured taking into account your current health, past medical history and family medical history. 

For most underwriting cases, the first and only step is to complete a Change your Insurance Cover form. In certain cases, you may then be asked to provide further health evidence and have some blood tests or a full medical examination by your doctor. The results of this underwriting process will determine whether you are accepted for cover and, if so, the terms and cost of your cover. 


How do the new account fees compare?

As a profit to member fund we are very conscious of the costs we charge our members.
Our goal is to keep your fees as low as possible, while providing value to you for all of our products and services. Any profits we make flow back to members. You can find more details about fees in our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), which you will receive shortly. 

You can review and compare your new account fees via the transfer guides on this page.  

Can I start an account-based pension?

If eligible you will have access to one of Equip’s pension options after the transfer is complete on 1 June 2020.  If you move to an Equip pension option after the SFT, standard fees apply. More information on these options can be found by clicking here. 

What happens to my nomination of beneficiaries?

Any binding or non-binding death benefit nomination you have in PRP  will transfer across to Equip. 

Where can I find additional information about the PRP transfer to Equip

Equip is providing online information sessions for new PRP members. You can access these via the PRP landing page (above). 

Where to get help

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