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What is investment switching?

You can change the way your super is invested at any time.

It’s called investment switching.

There’s no fee for switching.

Easy online switching

Ready to make a switch? Simply head to Member Online to make your changes online.


Changing your investments

  • Members with Equip MyFuture accounts: you can change the investment options for your existing account balance, and/or your future contributions.
  • Members with Transition to Retirement Income and Retirement Income accounts: you can change the investment option (or options) you’ve chosen for your existing account balance, and/or your investment options for your payment drawdowns.

There’s no limit on how often you can switch. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that saving for retirement – and even saving in retirement – is a long-term investment. For that reason, it can be important to maintain a long-term view when it comes to how you invest your money.

Frequent switching between investment options and trying to second-guess the market can be risky. You should only switch after a thorough review of your long-term investment strategy. We recommend you obtain financial advice before making any decisions about switching between investment options.

The amount you switch may not be known until we calculate the unit prices for the effective date of your switch. This means that the amount switched will not be the balance you currently see.

For example, when you look at your balance online, it is based on the latest available unit price. This is usually from two days ago. When your switch is processed, your balance will be updated with the unit price for the date you switched. The unit price will reflect changes in investment markets which will also impact your balance. This means that the amount switched will not be the same as the balance you last saw.

If we receive your request to switch your investments prior to 4:00 pm AEST on a Melbourne business day, it will be effective using the unit prices for that day. If your request is received after 4:00 pm on a Melbourne business day, or on a public holiday, or on a weekend, then the change will be effective using the unit prices for the next business day.

It usually takes about two business days to see a switch reflected on your account. This is because the unit prices are calculated once investment markets have closed for the day you switched. The unit price is calculated on the next business day and will usually be applied to your account the following business day.

It’s important that you consider these things before making an investment switch. You should also consider seeking financial advice before you make investment changes to your super.

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How to make a switch

There’s no fee to switch and you can make your changes at any time.


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