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A regular income in retirement

Ready to leave the workforce behind and start your next chapter?

A Retirement Income account means you can move confidently into retirement with a regular income to replace your existing salary. It's a convenient way to receive a regular, tax-free* retirement income that meets your needs.

Not sure where to begin? Our Retirement Centre can answer your questions and provide one-on-one support. 


Regular and flexible income when you’ve fully retired

An Equip Super Retirement Income account can provide you with regular income payments to support you when you fully retire.

Regular and flexible retirement income

Choose how much income you’d like to receive, and how often. And make extra withdrawals if you need to.

How income payments work
A ready-made strategy for your investments

Select from our range of investment options or leave it to our team of investment professionals with our MyPension investment strategy.

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A choice of investment options

Choose from our wide range of investment options to best suit your retirement goals.

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Competitive fees and costs

Our competitive fees and costs mean more money stays in your account for your future.

Fees and costs

How it works

Building up a healthy superannuation balance is important, but how you access and invest your money in retirement will determine how long it lasts. 

Transferring your super balance into a Retirement Income account allows you to draw down an income from your savings while the balance continues to earn investment income in a tax-free environment.

Retirement Centre support

Not sure where to begin? Our Retirement Centre can provide one-on-one support and answer the questions you might be too shy to ask. Our services are available to all.

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To open a Retirement Income account, you need a minimum of $25,000. If you’re transferring money from a super account in Equip Super but still plan to keep the super account open, you’ll need to leave a minimum balance of $6,000 in that account.

Equip Super offers seven diversified options and four sector-specific options, so you can choose the options that best suit your retirement needs.

Or, you can choose to invest in Equip Super MyPension – our innovative set-and-forget investment strategy that’s specifically designed to take the hard work out of investing your retirement savings.

You can choose to have your income paid to you on a fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual basis. And you get to nominate the amount that you’d like to receive. Note that a minimum annual payment amount applies.

And because a retirement income account is flexible, you can withdraw extra money if you need it, like if you're planning a holiday.

*Payments are tax-free once you reach age 60.

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Opening your account

Who’s eligible?

To be eligible for a Retirement Income account, you need to meet one or more of the following conditions:

  • you’re aged 65 or older
  • you’ve reached your preservation age and retired
  • you’ve become permanently disabled
  • you’ve ceased employment since reaching age 60.

Your initial investment

You can begin an Equip Super retirement income account by transferring at least $25,000 into your account and nominating how much annual income you want to receive, and how frequently.

Ready to open an account?

Download and complete the following forms (as required) and submit them to us.

Application form

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If you’re rolling in funds from another super fund.
If you’re under age 60.

Need some help with your application


Remember – we’re here to help, and that includes stepping you through the application process if you need a hand.  


Our Retirement Centre can answer your questions, assist with your application, and help you take the next step in your retirement journey. Call us today or request an appointment to get started.

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