What are spouse contributions?

A spouse contribution is an after-tax payment made by a member into the super account of their spouse.

If one partner is earning a low income, or perhaps taking time off work, a spouse contributions can help to ensure their super account keeps growing.

If you make a contribution for your spouse who earns a low income (or if you receive one from your spouse and you’re earning a low income), the contribution may also be eligible for a tax offset of up to $540 for the contributing spouse.

This can also make them an effective strategy for reducing tax, depending on your circumstances.  Eligibility criteria apply to those claiming a tax offset – you can find out more on the ATO website

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For more information on spouse contributions, including the potential tax offset, visit the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website.

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Who can make spouse contributions?

To receive spouse contributions, you and your spouse must satisfy the following: 

  • You and your partner must be married and living together, or living in a de facto relationship
  • You and your partner must not be living separately or apart on a permanent basis
  • You and your partner are both Australian residents 
  • The contributions must not be made to satisfy a Family Law split order
  • The contribution must not be deductible to you

In addition, the spouse receiving the contribution must be under the age of 75, and can’t have more than $1.9 million in their super account. For full eligibility criteria, please refer to the ATO website.

How to make a spouse contribution

To make a contribution to your spouse’s super:

  • Return your completed form to us via mail

Please note: if your spouse isn’t an Equip Super member, you’ll need to contact your spouse’s super fund for further information.




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