A ready-made strategy for your retirement investments

Let us do the investing for you

Equip Super MyPension is an innovative, set-and-forget investment strategy designed to take the hard work out of investing your retirement savings.

We make the decisions for you using our 'three bucket' strategy, so you don’t have to worry about managing your investments.

We’ve designed MyPension for anyone who wants a simple way to make investment choices for retirement. We manage your money for you, with the goal of making your retirement assets last as long as possible.

Here’s how it works

When you choose Equip Super MyPension, we’ll put three years’ worth of your chosen income into the Cash bucket. The remaining balance is then split between the Capital Stable bucket, and the Growth bucket.

Each one of these three strategies has been purposely chosen to meet specific investment objectives:

BucketsObjectiveWhat the money is used for
Cash optionStarting with three years’ worth of income, the money in this bucket is designed to meet your income needs over the short term (generally 2-3 years).Your income is paid from this bucket.
Capital Stable optionThis bucket provides some stability over the medium to longer term, with the goal to generate income and some capital growth. Any earnings in this bucket will top up the Cash bucket. Any lump sum withdrawals are drawn in equal amounts from the Capital Stable bucket and Growth bucket.
Growth optionThis bucket is designed for your savings to grow and make them last as long as possible. Returns may fluctuate more over shorter time frames than the other buckets, but this bucket is expected to produce higher returns over the long term.Any earnings in this bucket will top up the Cash bucket. Any lump sum withdrawals are drawn in equal amounts from the Growth and Capital Stable buckets.

Automatic rebalancing

Every April and October, we’ll review all three of your buckets and rebalance your overall portfolio with the objective of maintaining a minimum of two years' worth of income payments in your Cash bucket.

If you want to change your investment options

You can still switch your investments out of MyPension at any time.

Just be aware that if you do, you’ll be responsible for managing your investment strategy moving forward, and we would no longer automatically rebalance your account.

Would you like to know more?

You can find out more about Equip Super MyPension in the retirement income PDS.

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