Equip MyPension still a retirement income solution worth thinking about

I'm retired | | 2 min read


It’s three years since Equip MyPension blazed an award-winning trail by automating the long-established ‘3-bucket’ approach to investing to help you make the most of your retirement income.

And the value of this visionary design is still being underscored by the release by others of new 'off-the-shelf' products based on similar principles.

Our experience has been that members have found the automated annual rebalancing of investments between the Cash, Conservative and Growth buckets a particularly appealing feature, as investing to make their money last as long as possible has been the area in which they have felt less qualified to deal with.

Although you can draw any annual income above the government-mandated amount from Equip MyPension, our modelling shows that starting out by drawing 7% or less of the balance when you establish the account is optimal for making your pension last as long as possible.

You can get more detail on Equip MyPension here and, if you need help with it, please call one of our Member Advisers on 03 9248 5923.

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