Product Disclosure Statements - PDSs

Equip MyFuture

These documents are for members in our standard accumulation product, Equip MyFuture. After this section you may find additional or substitute documents  relating to specific terms and conditions associated with your employer. If this is the case, you should download and read the documents relevant to your workplace.

Equip MyFuture PDS - PDF 610 KB 2. How super works - PDF 350 KB 3. Benefits of investing with Equip - PDF 310 KB 4. Risks of investing in super - PDF 298 KB 5. How we invest your money - PDF 455 KB 6. Fees and costs - PDF 371 KB 7. How super is taxed - PDF 304 KB 8. Insurance in your super - PDF 477 KB 9. How we deal with complaints - PDF 298 KB

Does your employer's plan vary?

If you are an employee of one of the following companies, you should click on the link to read these additional notes in conjunction with the Equip MyFuture PDS and related documents.

IPM Kwinana - PDF 860 KB IPM Loy Yang - PDF 860 KB Iveco - PDF 859 KB Melbourne Cricket Club - PDF 859 KB Nutrimetics - PDF 860 KB Origin - PDF 859 KB SeaRoad - PDF 860 KB Tupperware - PDF 860 KB WIPRO - PDF 859 KB

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