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Retire with confidence, and do the things you love

Equip has the products, expertise and advice to make your retirement a success. Our products and services can help you set up a reliable income while making your money last longer.

Whether you’re already retired or have just started to think about it, our certified financial planners can provide expert advice on government benefits, investments, and how to plan for a long and comfortable retirement.

Joining is easy. Just choose your strategy and roll in the required balance. 

Choose a retirement strategy

Equip MyPension is an automated strategy that invests your super according to our innovative ‘three bucket’ approach. It’s designed to provide regular retirement income while helping your super last as long as possible.


Equip's account based pension (ABP) lets your choose your own investment strategy and change it at any time. It’s designed to provide regular income in retirement.


Prepare for retirement

Why choose Equip

We offer a range of products to help your super last longer.

Planning your retirement

Your decisions today will impact your future super balance.

Retirement FAQs

Your frequently asked retirement questions answered.

Transition to retirement

Plan your retirement early and enjoy a range of benefits.

Speak to a financial planner

A qualified financial planner can help you manage your commitments and retire better. LEARN MORE

Low fees and a history of strong returns. Compare us.

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