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The smart way to invest in your future

Superannuation is a great way to save and invest for the future. It allows you to build a nest egg, and helps ensure you'll have a sustainable income when you’re retired.

It can also provide a range of tax benefits and government incentives. Which makes super an essential tool in any investment portfolio. 

Equip can help you grow your super by investing it in some of the leading companies, shares, and property portfolios in Australia and overseas. That means a better retirement, and more money to do the things you love.  

Benefits of joining Equip

Joining Equip and managing your super is quick and easy. You can find lost super, configure your investments, and much more.


Our diversified investment options have consistently outperformed industry averages over the long term.*


Our financial planning services are backed by free seminars, retirement calculators, and a range of investment tools.


Equip offers a range of insurance services, and complimentary benefits from partners like Covermore.


Your super journey

Why super is important

Your choices now will impact your future income and retirement.

Why choose Equip

Equip has over 80 years experience managing and growing wealth.

Growing your super

Boosting your super is easy, and can offer tax benefits.

Insurance when you join

Insurance is one of super's most valuable benefits.

Managing your super

Grow your super and build your long term wealth.

Becoming a member

Joining Equip is easy and offers plenty of benefits.

Grow your super

Small changes today can quickly add up. LEARN MORE

Low fees and a history of strong returns. Compare us.

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