How to keep active in retirement

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Transitioning from full-time work to retirement is a significant life change. At times it can feel a little overwhelming.

If you’ve spent your working life following a regular 9-5 schedule, suddenly trying to fill your week and find purpose in the day-to-day can be a challenge. We’ve outlined some ideas to help you manage the transition and ensure you’re getting the most out of retired life. 

This might mean a little part-time work to keep you active and earning some additional income. And if that’s the case our financial planners can help you optimise your super, Age Pension and part-time earnings to make sure they're all working in sync. 

Here are some ideas to help you get started. 

Volunteer work for retirees  

Check out local charities that are aligned to your passions and investigate ways you can lend a hand. You can also look out for local organisations, where you can meet like-minded people.  

If you’re not keen to volunteer, look for local catch ups, like book clubs, or walking groups. You can also look into whether your local sports club runs classes or activities for your age group.   

If you’re a grandparent the ability to help out with daycare for a younger child can also be a fun and rewarding way to spend your days. 

Household projects for retirees  

Retirement is a great time to do those projects that have been put off and fallen down the to-do list. Throw yourself into redecorating a room, re-organising the garage, or whatever else might need to be done now you’ve got more free time.  

The structure of a project can help you adjust to life away from the workplace. It can also help to provide purpose, especially in those early days of retirement.  

Learning and education in retirement 

We’re always learning new things, and retirement is no different. Whether it’s a formal course, picking up a book, or taking part in new activities, there’s always something to discover.  

There are probably things you’ve always wanted to try but never had the time to pursue. Retirement is the perfect opportunity to figure out what you’re interested in and learn at your own pace. Whether it’s a free online course, a local community group, or time exploring the local library, keeping your mind active and learning new things can open new opportunities and interests.

Remain active in retirement

There are strong links between physical health and mental health, so remaining active is important.

This can be challenging for some. As you get older, bad knees and other health issues can stop you doing things you enjoyed in the past. But even a neighbourhood walk has benefits and can help improve your frame of mind. 

Not sure where to start? Low impact activities like swimming, walking, yoga and gardening are a great opportunity to get out, meet people, and maintain your health. 

Part-time work and retirement  

Putting your feet up and forgetting about work is a major drawcard when it comes to retirement. But it’s not for everyone. 

People often miss the camaraderie of work and the social aspects of a day job. So it’s increasingly common to see people take up some part time work after they’re retired. This can be a fulfilling way to apply your skills to a different field or employer. And let’s not forget the financial incentive. A part time job can help you top-up Age Pension and superannuation payments.  

We’ve previously looked at working in retirement, and what that might mean for your Age Pension and overall income. While there are thresholds to be aware of, as long as your income and/or worked hours fall within these there’s plenty of opportunity to re-enter the workforce on a part-time basis after your retirement.  

Enjoy a better retirement

Everyone approaches retirement differently. But those early days as you transition from full-time work can be challenging, and it’s important to have a plan in place. Whether that’s a household project, volunteer work, or just looking after the grandkids, a routine can help you settle into your new life.   

If you find you’ve got time and energy to spare you might even consider some part-time work. 

Either way, our financial planners can help you plan a better retirement, one that takes a holistic approach and includes part-time work and/or hobbies. The initial appointment is available at no additional charge for members.

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