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Equip account based pension

Your income in retirement 

Equip's account based pension (ABP) provides regular income payments once you have fully retired.

An account-based pension can provide you with a regular, flexible and tax-effective income in retirement.

You can begin an ABP by transferring at least $25,000 into your pension account and nominating how much annual income you want to receive, and how frequently. The account will remain active as long as you have funds available.


An Equip ABP offers the following features 

•    Choose from either the automated MyPension investment strategy or your own choice of 11 diversified and single sector investment options
•    Nominate your own annual income 
•    Decide how often you’d like to receive an income 
•    Access and withdraw your money whenever you want 


Benefits of an ABP

•    You don't pay tax on investment earnings
•    You won't pay tax on pension payments from age 60
•    Any investment earnings are added to your account.

Minimum pension payment rates

You can choose how much income you draw from your pension each year, with minimum amounts set by the Government.

The Government has temporarily reduced the minimum annual payment required for account-based pensions by half until the end of the 2022/23 financial year. This measure has been introduced to help minimise the impact of market volatility due to COVID-19. It also offers you more flexibility to manage your super.

Please refer to the table below for the standard minimum payment percentages, and those applicable to you in the 2022/23 financial year:

Age at 1 July 2022

Standard rate

Temporary rate for 2022/23

Under 65



65 to 74



75 to 79



80 to 84



85 to 89



90 to 94



95 and over




The minimum percentage varies based on your age on 1 July each year, and you can vary your pension payments at any time.

To choose an income level above the minimum, log into your account online and edit your current withdrawal details on the ‘Withdrawals’ page. Alternatively, you can download, complete, and return the Change your pension details form, available on our pension forms page.

Opening your pension account

Opening an account based pension (ABP) with Equip is easy. Simply fill in and submit the following forms:

•    Application for a Pension form
•    TFN Declaration form (if you are under age 60)
•    Roll your super into Equip form (if rolling funds from another super fund into Equip).



To be eligible for an ABP, you must satisfy one of the following conditions 

•    You are aged 65 or older
•    You have reached your preservation age and retired 
•    You become permanently disabled 

You can download all the forms below. Once completed, attach your documentation and send to us at: Equip, GPO Box 4303, Melbourne VIC 3001.

Looking for advice on retirement?

  • Check out frequently asked questions VISIT FAQS
  • Talk to a financial planner 1800 065 753Monday to Friday 9 am - 5 pm (AEST)
  • Request an appointment Request Form

*Please refer to the relevant Target Market Determination (TMD) for this product and consider the information in the PDS and the TMD.

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