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Your Journey

Equip can help you grow your super and retire better.

Try these three options to get started, and boost your long term super balance. 

Salary sacrifice

Salary sacrifice means you pay some of your pre-tax salary into your super account. As well as boosting your super balance, salary sacrificing can potentially reduce your tax rate.

Simply contact the HR or payroll office at your work and let them know you’d like to start salary sacrificing.

Consolidate your super

We can help you track down any lost super you may have, and consolidate it all into your Equip account. By consolidating your super you’ll save money by only paying one annual fees.

Get started by logging into your Equip account and selecting ‘Find my Super’ from the drop down menu. You’ll be given a list of super accounts, and can combine them with the click of a button

Check your investment options

Personalising your investment options, and choosing a more growth driven strategy can make a big difference to your future balance.

Update your investments to reflect your life by logging into your Equip account and selecting Investments from the drop down menu.

Check your retirement income with the Equip calculator