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Multi Factor Authentication

What is Multi Factor Authentication?

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) combines a member’s username and password with an additional security factor – a temporary numeric code sent to the member – to confirm identity and keep information secure.

You may already use MFA when you access banking or social media websites or apps.

MFA ensures a stolen or weak password is not sufficient for an unauthorised person to gain access to a member’s sensitive data or our critical technology systems.

What will members need to do?

The first time you login you will enter your login credentials as usual, which will then direct you to  a MFA registration page where you will be asked to confirm your email and or mobile number. You will then be guided through a set-up process which will generate a temporary code to complete the authentication process and access your account.

On subsequent logins you may be asked for MFA if you are logging in from a different location or device.

Secure passwords are still important!

MFA will provide an additional layer of security however, we still recommend using strong, unique passwords for your online accounts.

What if I need additional assistance?

Please call our member helpline on 1800 682 626 for additional assistance.

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