How's your retirement looking

If you are visiting this page, it's most likely because you want to find out more about the retirement projection we provided on your last member statement. We did it to help you understand how your super is tracking and to enable you to make more informed decisions about achieving financial security in retirement. 

The projection provides an estimate of the lump sum benefit available and the income that could be drawn from the lump sum each year for 25 years. It was calculated according to Australian Government standards. All the underlying assumptions for the projection are detailed in your member statement. 

A projection like this is just the start of the conversation. Here's a guide to what you can do now:

  • Every little bit helps. Find out how to boost your super here.
  • Our calculator is a great place to try out different strategies. Note that the calculator is more detailed than the projection provided in the statement. 
  •  Talk to us - why not continue the conversation by calling us on (03) 9248 5923. 
Check your retirement income with the Equip calculator