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Making super contributions

Smart ideas to boost your super

While your default super contributions are a great start, they may not be enough to provide you with the retirement income you'd like.

The good news is there’s plenty of things you can do to boost your super and help it grow in the future. Choosing the right investment option, making additional contributions, and consolidating multiple accounts are some of the quick and easy things you can do today. And the more you contribute early on, the more time your money has to grow.

That means a better income, and a better lifestyle in the future. 

  • Salary sacrifice

    Salary sacrifice means you a pay a portion of your pre-tax salary into your super account to boost your super.

  • Government co-contribution

    The Federal Government’s co-contribution scheme is designed to help lower income earners boost their retirement savings in superannuation.

  • After-tax contributions

    Super is a tax-effective investment environment, so many choose to contribute some spare cash to make their investments work harder.

  • Spouse contributions

    If your spouse or eligible partner is a lower income earner, spouse contributions are one of the ways you can boost your super as a couple.

  • Self-employed contributions

    Being your own boss can disadvantage you if you forgo super contributions in order to pump more money into your business.

  • Find lost super

    If you’ve worked a number of jobs over the years there’s a good chance you have multiple super accounts with ‘lost’ or forgotten balances.

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