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Choose where your super goes

Nominating your beneficiaries is important

Your superannuation takes many years to build and is one of the largest assets you’ll accumulate over your lifetime. 

Having greater control over where your money goes if you pass away will provide you with peace of mind that those you love most will be looked after.  

What happens to my super if I pass away?

Unlike your other assets, such as your home and your car, your superannuation and any insurance benefit you may have doesn’t automatically form part of your estate when you pass away.

In the event of your death, the Trustee of Equip is responsible for distributing your money to your beneficiaries or your legal personal representative.


What is a beneficiary?

A beneficiary is the person(s) who will receive your superannuation benefits if you die. 

Your beneficiary(ies) can be either those nominated specifically by you or those identified and selected by the Trustee.  In either case the beneficiary(ies) must have met the relevant conditions under superannuation law that make them eligible to receive your superannuation benefit.


Why make a beneficiary nomination?

Making a beneficiary nomination is important, as it helps us understand how you want your benefits distributed. It’s your opportunity to have your say about who you want to receive your money.


What type of beneficiary nominations can I make?

There are two types of beneficiary nominations.

Binding Nomination

This means you nominate who you want to receive your super payout so that it’s legally binding. The Trustee must pay your super to your nominated beneficiary, providing your nomination is valid.

A binding nomination ensures faster payment to your loved ones, as we do not need to make a decision on your behalf.

You can make a binding nomination by completing the Death Benefit Nomination form.

Preferred (non-binding) Nomination

You nominate who you’d prefer the Trustee to pay your super to. However, it’s not legally binding meaning your preferred person may not receive it.  The Trustee will make the final decision.

You can make a non-binding nomination online by logging into your Equip account, calling our helpline (1800 682 626) or by completing the Death Benefit Nomination form.


Guide to making a nomination


  No nomination Non-Binding Nomination Binding Nomination
Who decides where your money goes? Equip’s Trustee decides who receives your money. You nominate who you’d prefer your money to go to, but the Trustee decides. You instruct the Trustee who your money goes to.
How long does your nomination last N/A No expiry 3 years
How to make a nomination No action required. Online, over the phone or by completing the Death Benefit Nomination form. Complete and return the Death Benefit Nomination form.


Who can I nominate? 

You can choose to nominate as many beneficiaries as you like, providing they are any of the following:

  • Your spouse (including de facto or same-sex partners)
  • Your children (including step kids or adopted children)
  • Anyone who is financially dependent on you
  • Anyone who has an interdependent relationship with you

Can I change my nomination? 

Yes, making a nomination is completely free and you can update or cancel your nomination at any time. 

In fact, it’s important to regularly review your superannuation nomination and update it to reflect any change to your circumstances, for example, if you get married or have children. 

What beneficiary nominations can I make for my Pension?

Along with binding and non-binding nominations, you have the option of a reversionary beneficiary nomination. If valid at the date of your death, Equip will continue to pay your pension as regular income to your nominated  reversionary beneficiary. We recommend you seek financial advice before making, removing a reversionary nomination, as there may be financial, tax or social security implications.


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