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Death cover

Insurance when you need it

What is death cover?

Death cover provides a lump sum benefit for your dependants if you pass away. Terminal illness cover is included in your death cover, so you may be able to claim an advance payment of your benefit if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness. 

Applying for or changing death cover

In most cases, death cover is provided automatically to members of Equip. If you haven’t received death cover automatically, you can apply for it. 

Log into the website to apply for, change, or cancel your cover at any time. Alternatively, you can complete and return the Change your insurance cover form and Personal Statement.

Transfer your death cover from another super fund or insurer

You may be able to transfer the death cover you have with another super fund or life insurer into Equip. Log into the website to apply to transfer your cover, or complete the Transfer your insurance cover to Equip form.

Who receives your death benefit?

Unlike your other assets, your superannuation (including any insurance cover you have inside super) doesn’t automatically form part of your estate when you pass away. Equip is responsible for distributing your death benefit. So, it’s important that you consider making a beneficiary nomination for your account so that your wishes can be taken into account. You can find more details on how your death benefit will be paid in the guide.

Want more information?

You can find more details on death cover in the Insurance in your super guide.

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