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Who receives your benefit?

Nominating your beneficiaries is important

Looking after your dependents when you're not here.

If you die your super and any insurance you may have with Equip will be paid to your beneficiaries. Nominating these beneficiaries helps us understand how you want your want your benefits distributed. Here is what you can do to nominate a beneficiary: 

Nominate your preferred beneficiaries

You can do this by logging into your Equip account, or by completing the Making a death benefit nomination form. Nominating your preferred beneficiaries helps us understand how you would like your benefits distributed if you die, but it is not legally binding. 

Make a binding nomination

If you make a binding nomination by completing the Making a death benefit nomination form, we are bound to follow your instructions unless the form or your nominations are invalid. If your form is invalid, we have to act as if you did not nominate any beneficiaries and will have discretion to pay your benefit to any of your dependants in any proportions as we may determine, or to your estate. 

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