Pension fees and costs

Keeping fees down

As a profit for member fund, any profits made from managing members' accounts flows back to the membership. We keep running costs as low as possible to maintain downward pressure on your fees

As an example, these are the fees we charge for the members invested in the Equip Account Based Pension Conservative investment option. Note that the fees and costs associated with investments vary according to the option you're in. Administration fees are the same for all pension members. 


Annual Equip Account Based Pension fees for a $300,000 account Balance* calculation method Dollar value
Administration fee $2.50 per week (charged regardless of your account balance) $130
Administration fee 0.15% of your account balance
(capped once balance is more than $500,000)
Investment fees and costs 0.28% of your account balance $840
Investment indirect costs 0.13% of your account balance (deducted from your investment) $390
Total annual fees   $1,810

*Example assumes constant balance of $300,000 throughout the year invested in the Conservative investment option with no withdrawals or changes in account value due to investment performance. Other fees and charges can apply. If you make a partial or full withdrawal, an exit fee of $120 may apply.  

For full details of our fees and costs, download the Equip MyPension PDS or Equip Account Based Pension PDS.

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