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Equip invests and grows your retirement savings. You can personalise your investment strategy according to your age, financial goals, and risk tolerance. Choosing growth driven investment options may potentially increase returns, but comes with greater risks.

Equip offer a range of investment options across different assets and risk profiles. If you don’t choose an investment strategy you will be placed in our default MySuper option, which provides a diversified portfolio.  You can learn more about your investment choices here, and track the associated returns here.

Investment options fall into two broad categories:

Diversified options 

Diversification helps offset market fluctuations by spreading your money across different assets.

Equip offers six diversified investment options ranging from Conservative to Growth Plus. you can choose the option that best meets your personal financial goals and risk tolerance, then leave it up to Equip’s asset management company to oversee your investments. Learn more here. 

Sector specific options

Sector specific options are useful for members who want greater control over their asset allocations.

They allow you to invest in particular asset classes, or can be used in conjunction with a diversified option to provide greater specific market exposure. Learn more here. 

Getting started

Log into your Equip account and select Investments from the drop down menu. You can then update your investment mix to suit your life stage and risk tolerance.

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