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There's always more you can do to make sure your savings are on track for retirement.
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Three ways to boost your super savings

Is the Equip option you're in right for you? Small investment changes can make a big difference to your future balance.


Our MyFuture calculator is a great way of seeing whether your super's on track to deliver the comfortable retirement lifestyle you're after. It not only looks at super, but also at any government age pension entitlement you may have to give a complete picture.


You'll be surprised at the number of ways you can boost your super, even if you're earning a lower income. The earlier you act, the greater the long-term reward. So take a look now at some of the ideas that can make a difference.



How to achieve a comfortable retirement

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Women, on average, earn lower wages compared to their male counterparts and this is reflected in their super balances. Women also live longer than men so they need more super to survive.

Dr Martin Fahy
CEO, Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA)

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*The super gap in 2016 was 53% with average superannuation balances at the time of retirement $138,150 for women and $292,500 for men – a difference of $154,000. Figures provided by the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA).

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