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2018 Media releases

ACSI members and influence grow with the addition of Equip

13 September 2018

The Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (ACSI) is pleased to announce that Equipsuper has joined as a member. Equip says ACSI membership will provide it with access to broader information and perspectives on investment sustainability that complement the skills of its internal team and external investment managers.

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Equip moves quickly expecting movement in corporate super accounts

21 August 2018

Equip has bolstered its Growth and Corporate Development team with the appointment of Charlie Yanni as Senior Corporate Growth Manager. Equip Executive Officer, Growth and Corporate Development, John Farrington, said Equip was anticipating the potential for more movement in the corporate superannuation sector following the revelations emerging from the Hayne Royal Commission.

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Equip boosts capability in risk and project management

20 August 2018

The $15 billion Equip super fund has substantially increased its Governance and Risk and Project Management Office teams to meet in the demands of increasing member expectations, technology roll-out, greater investment scope and opportunities, and scale of operations.

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Equip merger reduces member fees and premiums by $12 million

16 July 2018

Equip’s more than 75,000 members will benefit from total fee and insurance premium reductions of more than $12 million in the 2018-19 financial year, as the benefits from the fund’s recent merger with former Rio Tinto Staff Superannuation Fund continue to flow.

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Equip appoints two new directors

5 June 2018

Equip is pleased to announce the appointment of Penny Davy-Whyte and Lisbeth Rasmussen as Member Directors. 

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Equip promoting an alternative path for achieving member outcomes

Equip sees a collaborative structure like an extended public offer model as an alternative to merger for some funds feeling the pressure of greater scrutiny of member outcomes by the industry regulator.

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Tahlia Parrish appointed Equip’s Head of Risk

1 March 2018

Equip has promoted Tahlia Parrish to the position of Head of Risk, following Paul Synhur’s recent move to become Head of Member Advisory. Ms Parrish was previously Risk Manager, reporting to Mr Synhur.

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Equip’s Paul Synhur appointed Head of Member Advisory

23 February 2018

Equip has appointed Paul Synhur to the newly created position of Head of Member Advisory. Paul has previously worked in the fund’s Risk and Compliance area, most recently as Head of Risk.

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Strategic executive appointment to take Equip into the future

19 February 2018

Equip has appointed Tania Cumming as Executive Officer, Strategy and Markets, a newly created role, which will add strength and impetus to the fund’s forward planning capabilities and business transformation. 

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Equip says cost savings from merger are better than expected

12 February 2018

Equip is seeing better than expected savings from its merger on 1 July 2017 with the Rio Tinto Staff Superannuation Fund and expects to announce more fee reductions from 1 July 2018.

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Equip becomes the first super fund to join the Clean Energy Council

29 January 2018

Equip has become the first super fund to join the Clean Energy Council (CEC), the peak body for the clean energy industry in Australia. The fund’s involvement with the CEC naturally aligns with its heritage in the energy sector and will greatly assist Equip to understand and get much closer to the major transition taking place in one of its main industry sectors.

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2017 Media releases

Natalie Alford to head Equip's Governance and Risk

9 November 2017

Equip has appointed Natalie Alford as Executive Officer, Governance and Risk, a role which will lead the fund’s governance, risk, legal and company secretarial functions.

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Fee cuts are the first sign of merger benefits for Equip members

2 October 2017

Equip has cut administration fees for members and dropped buy-sell spreads on investment transactions. The fund expects these reductions will be followed by others as it beds down the benefits of its merger with the Rio Tinto Staff Superannuation Fund on 1 July 2017.

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Equip confirms merger with Rio Tinto Staff Superannuation Fund and appoints Nicholas Vamvakas as CEO

19 June 2017

Equip and the Rio Tinto Staff Superannuation Fund have completed due diligence and have confirmed that the funds will merge on 1 July 2017. The $14 billion fund will continue under the Equip name with a membership of over 75,000.

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Equip in discussions with Rio Tinto Staff Superannuation Fund

31 January 2017

Equip Super has confirmed it is engaged in advanced discussions with the trustee of the Rio Tinto Staff Superannuation Fund (RTSSF) with a view to merging the funds, subject to completion of satisfactory due diligence. The new merged fund would manage assets of $13.5 billion for approximately 75,000 members.

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2016 Media releases

Equip MyMoney automated investment service goes live

21 September 2016

Equip will launch its online automated investment service, Equip MyMoney to all accumulation members next week following a successful pilot program run with around 300 members.

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Equip MyFuture the foundation to transforming member experience

21 September 2016

Equip has made staying with the fund for life much easier with the launch of its single accumulation brand, Equip MyFuture. It merges the former Equip Express (corporate) and Equip Personal accumulation divisions.

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Equip launches pilot program for Equip MyMoney robo investment service

3 August 2016

Equip is piloting its robo investment service, Equip MyMoney, with a select group of members, with release to all members planned by the end of the month.

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Survey: Trust ranks ahead of investment returns for member retention

21 July 2016

Members who have changed jobs since joining Equip have for the first time ranked trust in the fund ahead of investment returns for staying with the fund.

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Equip changes underscore focus on asset allocation and liability driven investing

18 July 2016

Equip has restructured its investment team to place greater emphasis on asset allocation and liability risk management as the fund prepares to deal with what it expects will be several challenging years in a low return investment environment. 

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New Equip website readied for algorithm-guided communications

7 July 2016

Equip will be delivering dynamic web content based on behavioural analytics within 12 months following the launch of its new mobile-first designed website today.

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Equip launches 'Flying Robots' to promote STEM education in Gippsland

5 July 2016

In association with our long-time community partner, Baw Baw Latrobe Local Learning and Employment Network (BBLLLEN) and Melbourne-based not-for-profit organisation, Flying Robot School, Equip has underwritten the purchase of two advanced 3DR Solo drones to encourage more children in the region to undertake STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) studies.

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Equip adds leave provision for employees affected by domestic violence

3 May 2016

Equip will allow up to an additional five days’ fully paid leave for employees affected by domestic violence to enable them to deal with pressing issues that may result from these incidents.

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New Head of Technology to support Equip’s digital transformation

3 May 2016

Equip has appointed Mary Nottle as Head of Technology to oversee and manage the implementation and integration of the diverse technology platforms being deployed to transform member experience. 

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Equip announces 2016 director election results

1 April 2016

Equip has announced the results of its member and employer director elections held in February 2016, which have resulted in three new appointees to the fund's board.

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Equip to maintain staff super contributions during paid and unpaid parental leave

21 January 2016

Equip will continue to pay superannuation guarantee contributions into its employees' super accounts during paid and unpaid parental leave to help keep their retirement savings on track during these career breaks.

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Equip CEO, Danielle Press, leaving for new role

15 March 2016

Equip today announced that its CEO, Danielle Press, will be leaving the Fund at the end of June 2016, after six years of service, to take up the CEO role at the Myer Family Company.

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