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Fixed Interest

This option is designed for members who wish to select a relatively defensive asset allocation with more stability and security than more aggressive asset allocations. This option is expected to generate modest returns over time, with a small but not zero chance of a negative return in any 12-month period and is considered to be more aggressive than cash. 

Key information

Investment objective

Outperform its benchmark, a mix of the Bloomberg AusBond All Maturities Composite Bond Index (50%) and the Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Index (50%), hedged to Australian dollars, over rolling 5-year periods. 


Invests in interest bearing bonds and some indexed bonds in Australia and overseas. Investments are made into government and corporate debt securities both above and below investment grade. Investments may also include lower risk alternative strategies, and cash.   

Benchmark asset allocation

100% fixed interest. This option aims to remain fully invested in fixed interest, with a strategic asst allocation of 70% to traditional fixed interest, and 30% to alternative fixed interest. However, due to timing differences and the need to generate cash flow requirements for member transactions, it may from time to time hold some cash and cash equivalents (up to 30%). 

Minimum investment timeframe

The minimum suggested timeframe to invest in this product is 5 years. 

Standard risk measure

The risk level of this option is low to medium, with a likelihood of negative returns occurring 1.4 years in a 20-year period. 

These are the latest published investment returns for Fixed Interest.

Our Investment Approach

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Our Investment Approach
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