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How unit prices work

When you join a super fund, you gain access to a world of investment choices managed by professionals. 

You are assigned a number of units, according to your account balance in one or more of the fund’s investment options. If you don’t choose an option, your super is invested in the default MySuper option.

The value of your units can go up and down on any given day depending on the performance of the investment option you have chosen, this reflects financial market movements.  

Your super balance is determined by taking the price of your units and multiplying it by the number of units you own. Contributing more money to your super fund buys more units. 

Thinking about your super in terms of units can help explain the changes in your account balance.  Simply stated - when your investment options do well and increase in value, your units increase in value. This also means negative returns can cause unit prices to go down.

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