Winding up a self-managed super fund (SMSF)

Managing your own superannuation is difficult and time consuming. 

Equip can help. We’ve partnered with Think Super to provide a streamlined service that will wind up your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) and transition you into one of our superannuation products.

Equip is an award winning fund with over 85 years of history. We were recently named one of the Top 10 performing super funds in Australia for investment returns. Chant West, Bloomberg and SuperRatings have all recognised Equip's range of investment products and returns.  

Moving your superannuation to Equip means more time to do the things you love, and the peace of mind that comes with one of the country's top performing funds.

How we can help 

Winding up an SMSF without assistance can be complicated, we simplify this process by managing the following with the assistance of Think Super

• Reading and interpreting the SMSF trust deed to ensure the winding up is done properly.

• Redeeming the Fund assets (e.g. the sale of shares or managed funds).

• Paying all remaining liabilities.

• Facilitating the preparation of the SMSF’s annual return and wind up accounts.

• Arranging the final independent audit of the accounts. If an actuarial certificate is required this will also be sourced at this time.

• Lodging the final SMSF annual return and paying the final tax and expenses.

• Arranging for the rollover of monies to your Equip superannuation account.

• Closing the SMSF bank account.

• Cancelling the ABN.

• Notifying the ATO that the SMSF is wound up and completing all reporting obligations.

• Notifying all other authorities of fund closure and winding up of the corporate trustee including ASIC.

Getting started

If you’re interested in closing your self-managed super fund, or you’d simply like to discuss your options, please request an appointment with one of our Equip Financial Planners. You can fill out the form below or call us directly on1800 065 753 for more info.

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