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Workplace Seminars

Empower your employees

Workplace seminars are one of the most powerful and effective ways to help your employees understand super. 

Our relationship managers can schedule onsite seminars, tailored for specific topics and age groups. Our ready-to-go seminar packages include:

1.    Activ8 your money (Ages 35 and under) 
This presentation highlights the long term benefits of super, and how even small contributions today can make a huge difference in the future. 

2.    Activ8 your thinking (Ages 36 - 49)
At a time of growing financial and personal commitments, super helps ensure financial security through cost-effective insurance, while also increasing long-term wealth. 

3.    Activ8 your planning (Ages 50 and over)
People aged 50 and over are starting to think about their super more seriously. This presentation talks about approaching and planning a better retirement.

4.     Activ8 your benefit (Defined Benefit members aged 55 and over) 
Aimed at people with defined benefit plans, this explores the ways members can boost their retirement savings and learn more about their long-term investment options.


For businesses with employees in remote or multiple locations, the online tools, videos and fact sheets in our activ8 your super online education program complement our workplace seminars.


You can request a workplace seminar using the online form below.

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