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Your childhood toys could be worth a small fortune

Retirement  |  27/10/2017  |   5 min read

Do you still have your childhood toys and comics stashed away? They could be worth some serious money.

The (right) original comic can sell for over a million, some videogames have traded hands for over $40,000, and that old action figure could be worth several thousand dollars.

Your collection might not be in the same ballpark when it comes to price or rarity, but the nostalgia market is thriving, and one person’s trash could be the missing link in some millionaire’s private collection.

Here are some of the more notable toys going for serious money these days.

80s toys

If it’s from the 80s, had any sort of cultural cache, and it’s still in the original box then it’s going to be worth some money on eBay. A Strawberry Shortcake doll house goes for about $500, a talking Teddy Ruxpin is well over $1000, and a He-Man and Battle Cat pack has been floating around for $7000. Whether anyone is willing to pay those prices is another matter, but it might be worth revisiting some of your childhood favourites.

Old Comics

Most vintage comics are worth little to no money, but the occasional gem can fetch ridiculous sums. Amazing Fantasy #15 (featuring the first appearance of Spider Man), has sold for over $1 million dollars at auction. But the all-time award goes to Action Comics #1, featuring Superman. Released for 10 cents in 1938, it sold for a record breaking $3 million

If you’ve got anything from the 1930s golden era of comics in mint condition then it’s going to be worth a little bit of cash. The same goes for all those early edition Batman, Captain America and Wonder Woman comics. Learn more here

Retro videogames

Videogame first emerged in the late 70s, but their rarity has less to do with age and is more likely to depend on limited production runs – often because of legal reasons. That being said, anything from Nintendo in the 80s and still boxed in mint condition could be worth a little money.

The most expensive (and infamous game carts) never made it to market in commercial quantities. Which is why the otherwise unremarkable Stadium Events for the Nintendo Entertainment System can fetch up to $40,000 when it does surface. Likewise, the Nintendo World Championship cartridge given to contest winners at the 1990 event is worth over $20,000.

So how much are your childhood memories worth?


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