The Santorini coast in a convertible or caravan around Australia?

Superannuation  |  20/08/2014  |   2 min read

There's a nice line in today's Daily Telegraph which says: 'Taking some interest in your super early on could be the difference between a drive down the Santorini coast in a sexy convertible, or driving around Australia in a trailer'.

The article talks about how much Australians know about how their super is invested and goes on to describe the make-up of the typical balanced investment option offered by super funds.

There is real value in taking an interest in how we invest your super, with plenty of information available on this website about each of the investment options we offer. 

At latest count, over 70% of our accumulation members are invested in the default Equip MySuper option. If you are one of these, then you may have chosen to be, but it is more likely that you're invested there because you haven't selected any other option. 

Choosing the right investments depends on a range of things, such as your age, the length of time you're likely to invest, how much risk you are prepared to take and the sort of financial goals you have, particularly how much income you want in retirement from your super. A visit to our retirement calculator is an interactive way to see what you might need to do to achieve the retirement income you want.

We encourage you to think about your goals then check out the investment options we offer. You can make investment switches online by logging into the secure website. You can change your current investment allocation, request that your future contributions are invested differently, or both.  

If you need help with making investment decisions, you might want to give us a call on our Helpline 1800 682 626.

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