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Savvy young savers leading the way in consolidating super

Superannuation  |  1/09/2016  |   2 min read

Australians aged 25 to 29 are proving to be financially more savvy when it comes to getting all their super into one account with their preferred fund, according to recent IPSOS survey results published in MLC's Australia Today - Part 3, A look a lifestyle security and retirement in Australia report.

Around 35% of super fund members in this age group have consolidated their super accounts in the past 12 months, compared with an overall 27% for all super fund members.

Women have also been more active than men in getting their super together, with 32% consolidating their accounts versus 23% of men. So the message through programs like Move the Dial aimed at creating awareness among woment of how to make the most of super are showing signs of making a difference

Consolidating your super prevents you eroding your savings by paying multiple sets of fees. We have had instances of members who we have helped through our SuperMatch service to consolidate super from as many as 25 different funds into Equip.

While we understand how easy it is to collect funds as you change jobs, we have made it much easier with the launch of our single Equip MyFuture accumulation account to stay with us no matter where life takes you.

So why not think about consolidating you super today? Our SuperMatch service makes it easier. All you have to do is give us permission to go and find the super you have with other funds, or even 'lost super'you may have sitting with the Australian Tax Office. 

Low fees and a history of strong returns. Compare us.

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