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How we respect your privacy by protecting your personal data

Superannuation  |  26/04/2018  |   3 min read

The use of personal data sourced from social platforms like Facebook by Cambridge Analytica has brought the protection and use of personal data the issue into sharp focus in recent months.

Public concern about this aligns very closely with our own member research conducted by CoreData in February 2017, which identified that members of all ages placed ‘use of my personal information’ in the top three priorities of respondents.

We understand that the use of your data is an important component of your trust in Equip to not only look after your financial future, but also to use the personal information we hold for that purpose.

The Equip Privacy Statement explicitly outlines how we use your personal data to help you along your journey to financial security in the future.

Of course, there is also ever-increasing demand for more personalised service and communications, the other two top priorities for members revealed in last year’s survey. This means increased focus on data analytics and management, as greater personalisation requires more sophisticated insights into how you prefer to deal with us and what stage you are at in planning and managing your finances.

You will be pleased to know that over the past 18 months, we have installed new platforms to deliver the more personal service and communications that you’re looking for. As we have done so, we have also taken steps to double down on the due diligence we undertake to secure the data shared across these platforms.

Our risk team initiated a new data policy and due diligence process that means that any new platform that receives or holds your personal information meets the highest benchmarks for protecting it from external interference.

A number of examples of data breaches reported around the world show that no system, even with military-grade security, can ever be guaranteed to be impenetrable. But we can assure you that we are taking the necessary steps to protect your information as much as we can.

Accordingly, as we have installed the platforms that will deliver more personal communications and services to you, we have selected global leaders with the required infrastructure needed to do so.

Outside of technology, our policies do not permit your personally identifiable data to be shared with third parties other than those specified in our Privacy Statement. None of those parties are organisations that are permitted to use or share your data for marketing or support of products unrelated to Equip.

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