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SelectingSuper awards recognise super’s most hidden benefit

Superannuation  |  18/11/2016  |   2 min read

Receiving death and disability insurance cover when you join a fund is one of super’s unsung benefits. It gives you some protection against future loss of income and greater financial security for you and your family.

But for many fund members, it’s like super’s best kept secret. Many do not even know they have insurance, and even less know how much they’re covered for. That’s despite the reams of information provided on joining the fund and in regular communications.

This year, Equip was a finalist in two new insurance awards categories, for corporate and personal super, presented by Rainmaker Information’s SelectingSuper ratings business. 

We didn’t end up winning an award, but its inclusion in new categories in SelectingSuper’s awards highlights the renewed focus on insurance benefits offered through super funds.

We think it’s a particularly important part of our offering for members in early to mid-career, who are in long-term relationships or have a family. Insurance can deliver greater ‘here and now’ financial peace of mind while you work.

That’s why we think of superannuation as more than just a retirement deal. We see it as  ‘Income for life’. 
Just think about the usual definition of super – saving for retirement or, more correctly, creating your future retirement income. If you’re younger, it makes the benefit seem so far away that it drops down your priority list.

But insurance should reframe that thinking for you, because the peace of mind and extra financial security if offers are immediate, covering the period from right now to whenever you choose to retire. 

Put simply, the ‘Income for Life’ proposition from Equip is:

Creating your income for the future, while protecting your income today.’

For more information on the insurance you have with Equip, you can log into your account or, for general information, click here.

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