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Merger made in heaven?

Superannuation  |  29/10/2018  |   2 min read

The merger of Equip and the former Rio Tinto staff super fund has brought together two of Australia’s Top 3 super funds, according to Stockspot, the producer of the annual ‘Fat Cat Funds’ list.

Stockspot’s list annually outs funds that it believes charges excessive fees, so it is fortunate that Equip’s and the former Rio Tinto fund’s investment options appear in the much-preferred list of ‘Fit Cat Funds’.

Since the merger, Equip now offers a single suite of investment options drawing on the best of the two former sets of options, including selection of the best external managers to help us take members on a rewarding journey to retirement.

The Stockspot assessment was based on five year returns to 30 June 2018, with the following options qualifying us for selection to its Top 3 'Fit Cat Funds' list:

Equip's 'Fit Cat' options RTSSF's 'Fit Cat' options
Growth Plus High Growth
Balanced Growth (MySuper)
Conservative Conservative Growth


As always, it is important to remember that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance, but we are committed to delivering long-term investment performance that will support greater financial security and independence for members in retirement.

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