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A happy retirement is about more than money

Money tends to dominate the conversation whenever retirement comes up. How much do I need? How much will I have? While those are valid questions, retirement isn’t just about your bank balance, it also represents  a huge lifestyle change. Having a sense of purpose and activities to fill your days can help ease the transition.

According to Equip financial planner Jason Cook, there are plenty of benefits to being in the workforce, including the friendships you share, and the sense of  identity it can provide. Suddenly losing these can have a profound effect on people, especially when it happens overnight.

It’s just one of the reasons a gradual transition to retirement is such a popular option. Not only does it allow you to top up your savings, but it means you can start looking at activities and interest outside the workplace. 

Speaking with Kim Watkins, he explains that, “Expanding on existing hobbies, planning new ones, joining social groups and associations, volunteering, even sometimes part time or casual work [can help make the transition easier].”

As Jason summarises, “People who have a great retirement often say the same thing, they’re busier now than when they were working.”

Watch the video for more hints and advice on a happier retirement. Find out more about a Transition to Retirement package by clicking here.


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